Baby Car Seat Installers

At the One Urban Mama Show on Friday, Tracy and I had the pleasure of having our booth beside Mohammed Bhorat of Baby Car Seat Installers. I spoke to him throughout the day about photography and of course, car seat installations. I asked him about the quote on his promotional sign.

“Over 80% of car seats are not installed correctly.”

He told me he’d be very surprised if there was one out of every 10 done correctly. Startling statistic and he offered to check ours for free. The result? Yup, Our seat was not as tight as it could be… AND he found a belt clip that we should’ve been using that I didn’t even know about! He installed that for us too.

We’ve always had a problem with the monthly car seat clinics. Either they are not local to our area or the timing of them doesn’t work with our schedule because it’s a weekday and you end up driving around with your car seat installed incorrectly until you can find someone to help. I even went to local fire station but they couldn’t help me with the installation because they guy who did them was on vacation. I need it done now not next week… If 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly then having free car seat clinics once a month is a great help but you are taking a great risk until you find one which could be months away. Mohammed found the same thing a few years ago and that’s why he started his business.

Here’s his story:

“2 years ago Mohammad Bhorat was faced with the problem of fitting his nephew’s restraint system into his own car for a camping trip. Thinking a few tugs and clicks while following picture instructions would do the trick, the job was left to the last minute and the car seat was nowhere near snug! After multiple attempts, Mohammad resorted to internet research, which only left him more concerned and bewildered about his predicament. There was too much to risk if a car seat was not installed properly, yet he was left with very little resources to ensure that the job was done right. His own family members failed to ensure the proper installation of their own car seats, so Mohammad was left with no choice but drive around to multiple police and fire stations until he found someone available to assist him with the installation, a process that took over three hours.”

He said a big problem that he sees is that most people spend hundreds of dollars getting a higher quality seat for safer protection and then install it wrong. His advice was to save the extra money and purchase a cheaper seat and pay that extra to have it installed correctly. I couldn’t agree more! He was great to talk to, very knowledgeable, very helpful and local to the Markham area.

Hopefully we’ll meet him again at the next show. I took his portrait as a thank you for his help and his time.

Check out his web site HERE !!!


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