The Sun: Revisited

I’ve never been interested in Photoshop filters because I always felt it was a digital gimmick. There are so many different filters available and so many different settings that you can tweak for hours, days, even months trying to understand the effect it will have on your photograph.

Today I was reading someone’s blog and he was talking about a Photoshop filter he used on a macro picture. It was an awesome photo so of course I opened my Photoshop, found a picture I thought might be good with an effect and started to explore the hundreds and hundreds of filters. Some good, some bad, some crazy, some not so crazy… and then I found this one.

I think I like filters now…


3 thoughts on “The Sun: Revisited

  1. Macro photography is amazing.
    I also do Macro photography, but not as cool as yours in my opinion.
    check out my photos if you get the chance.
    Keep up the good work!

    • I prefer macro photography too but I also like the long night time exposures. Your photo of the day from yesterday was really cool.

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